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The Effectual Lab is where I - and other authors - share perspectives and findings on innovation, complexity, and what that means in the context of  managing social systems aka. organisations. 

At the crossroad between academic articles and pragmatic business practices, this bi-monthly newsletter, ranging from a single article to multi-perspective dossier, aims to provide in-depth and cross-discipline insights to expand how we think and question our assumptions.

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Mathilde Gaulle 

I specialise in transformation and innovation to support organisations by providing them with a posture and methods adapted to the contexts in which they evolve. I am a certified expert on ISMA360 method as well as the co-author of effectual design approach for transformation.

With a double background in M&A and consulting for a wide spectrum of companies in industrial sectors, I quickly developed a strong appetite for academic research around the themes of complexity, uncertainty and solving complex problems. I now teach as well as consult on a regular basis.


Giving organisations the confidence, the skills and the pleasure to build their future.


More info on the courses I teach on my LinkedIn profile.
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